Designing walls without showing studs hide/unhide


Does anyone run ito this,
the interior joists show up on the outside of a wall,
Guess I can always use layers and hide? inside walls but sometimes it still shows up.

Also, when you hide something by right click and hide, how can you go back and find it after it’s hiddern to unhide?

Perhaps placing the framing and lining (finishes) on different layers would be the best, and switching them in scenes depending on the detail required

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Does your wall surface have 0 thickness?

You can hide or unhide the last thing or all things at once via EDIT menu.

Or you can see all currently hidden geometry via the VIEW menu (third option). Then you can select hidden objects and right click unhide.

Those profile lines look pretty thick. Are you on a low-res display?
The thing about SU is that the edge lines display as a set thickness however far away the object is. Therefore, the comparative thickness (compared to the object itself) gets thicker the more distant it is.

In other words, when you are zoomed right into those studs, their profile lines are as thick as a piece of cotton in comparison to their width. Zoomed out to this distance, however, they’re as thick as a rope. In fact they are so thick that they actually start to show through the drywall.
Solution: turn them off or turn them right down in the Styles palette.

the profile and depth cue does not stop the bleed, they do reduce it, rather use these in a close up detail in a scene where both components are required. For overall switch off or hide is the answer.

Thanks for the tip, endless fix. Its all the little things that add up

If you use components for the studs and hide the edges with shift+eraser the edges won’t bleed through.


Thanks Alan, That helps to explain things better.

Tks pacmoor, This does knowingly work on scenes.

Another great tip box, didn’t know you could shift + E. tks

Thanks Philip,
I also learned how to get to my hidden parts and unhide.