Hide Joinery in Vanity Model

Bathroom_Vanity_20180203.zip (2.3 MB)

In the attached model, in the “Doors On” scene, how do I hide the lines representing the meeting points of the rails and stiles of the drawer faces. The purpose of this need is to simulate a painted surface where the joints don’t show. Only the vertical lines on the drawer face need to be hidden.


You can edit the components and hide the edges to end up with something like this at the top.

How are you going to show this model, though? You might find it easier to just turn off the edges and profiles in the style, turn on shadows, and export an image that way.

It’s for my wife so i’ll hook my laptop up to the 70" Sony TV via HDMI cable.
The former method seems a little more promising - the latter (changing the style) has some drastic side effects that I don’t understand.
Thanks for your response.

Maybe but it’s more work.

The style change is purely cosmetic and can more quickly be reset.

Here I’ve set the edge color to By Material and set the Profiles to 1.

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render your model with the free version of www.brighter3d.com the lines will not show up

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