Show dome edges

how do i show the dome edges on hidden line?
51H_SOUTH_Simplified27.skp (1.9 MB)

Turn on >View >Hidden Geometry

is there a way to make the hidden geometry unhidden so that i can make the walls the thickest lines?

Not knowing the full extent of what you want to do… OR what the final goal is here…

I would suggest that you look into the various View and Styles settings that are available in SketchUp.

for example… the Line Thickness of the Section Plane Cut… showing a cross section of the walls… can be adjusted by editing the Style you’re using.

Go to: >Windows >Styles (window) >Edit (tab) >Modeling (sub-Category)… so you can play around, and experiment with the various settings there.

Change to the >Edge (category) for options overseeing: Edges, Back Edges, Profiles (line thickness of perimeter lines)… among other settings.


A lot of what you can see in SketchUp will have to do with the combination of View Settings you select from within the Menu options… AND… the specific settings you have in place for the Style you are currently using.

Look through some of the default styles already installed… One of those may already be configured the way you’d like it to be.

IF NOT… then you can always make a new style by editing an existing one… Save and Name It… so you can use it again.


Some ‘View Settings’ will Override the ‘Style Settings’ that are in place.

It’s only after a bit of practice, and experimentation before you’ll really start to make sense of all of this.

It’s a decent system—If you find yourself having too much trouble adjusting things… Step back a little, and think about what combination of setting you are asking SketchUp to show you.