Designing overmold plate with hot runners

Hi all,

I need to create an overmold for a power cable I am designing, and I would like to create the injection mold plates on Sketchup (I don’t have Moldflow). I have created the part I’d like “cut” into the plate for overmolding. Additionally in the file is the cable plug that will be “overmolded”, as well as a representation of the cable (without the guts). Would someone be able to show me how to make all the cuts while keeping the plate as a Solid object? (note, the model is scaled x1000) Also, does anyone know where I can find resources on injection mold mold design (runner and gate and ejector pin placement stuff) thanks
make_a_mold.skp (6.7 MB)

Even if you create two halves in this way, the result will not be demoldable.