Designing a door frame with angles inside

I’m designing/drawing a door frame with angles inside. Two questions
1.I’ve drawn the frame by using rectangle tool, then push/pull, then offset, and erased the inside, but it’s not see though. How do I make it “see though”? So it’s just the outside frame.(think picture frame).

2.I want add “bars” inside the frame above at 45 degrees, how do I add them at 45 degree angle? Is there any kind of protractor?

  1. to view inside go to x-ray mode
    menu-view-face style-xray mode

  2. not get what u mean

1.I want to have just a "picture frame"look for the door.
2.If I have a “picture frame” from left to right at a 45 degree angle I want to draw “bars” it will really be multi-able racks. but those lines need to be at 45 degrees.

I’m not really following what you mean either.
An image or two would help us see what you need.

Meanwhile this might get you going.

Yes that video is just what I want to do.just when I erased the center I don’t see it as see thought.

Your best way to get help would probably be to post a picture of what you are seeing, or share a SKP file.