Design onto glass

Hi folks,

Could this or a similar design be drawn onto a glass within SketchUp? A projection may be ok but for a close up render, it would need relief and texture.

Copa_Glass_Template-100-1.skp (1.0 MB)

I know you’re clever bunch so hopefully someone can show me the way.


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You can get the desired result using bump / displacement (depending on your rendering software) with greater accuracy if you use UV mapping from Blender or … just using Fredo6 ThruPanit to position the desired texture.
You can inspire yourself from this clip (for the technique): min 8:07

If you need it for a close up render it’s better to add the material in the renderer you are using, it will be more accurate plus SketchUp does not natively render.

You could use the extension flowify to make that.
Here’s a tutorial on the extension:

  1. Draw it flat, push pull, then use round corner on the top face (reduce offset until no overlaps)

  2. Flowify

  3. Render


GLASS1.skp (1.8 MB)


Thanks Forestr. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Well done!

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Thank you for the compliment! You’re welcome!