Ribbed glass texture on a cylinder

Hi everyone :sunflower:,

I am wondering what is the best solution to achieve a ribbed texture on a cylinder like the one in the photo? Perhaps Bitmap to Mesh?
Thanks in advance :sunny:

Carafe.skp (333.1 KB)

Do you want to see a ribbed texture just in a render, or do you first want to create it with SketchUp geometry?

What quality of render do you need and for what purpose?

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Geometry :slight_smile:

As for textures I would apply it by importing the texture and use Paintbucket. But I realised I don’t know how to apply ribbed geometry to a cylindrical shape.

I guess probably the best way is to draw triangles, copy/paste to create extrusion profile and extrude them. I was thinking if there is a faster way. But maybe not.

I’d focus on making one rib and copy it around as an array.
As for mapping a cylindrical texture, the “SketchUV Mapping tool” does a good job and has a cylindrical mode, make sure to apply the cylindrical map while in a straight elevation.

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Thank you Steve :slight_smile:

A 2 inch diameter circle is a good place to start, then add 1/16th inch triangles (components) around the perimeter.

These will slightly overlap - you can then add curves between the triangles and add a curve to the top of the triangle (to be precise - likely the limitation of glass casting).

Edit down to one circle section and copy with the rotate tool (60 sided circle in the image).

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Thank you. Super.

You will have some creative decisions with how you merge the top and bottom.


Looks really good.


I am sorry I am only asking now but I’ve got a question about the conical part of the neck. How did you connect upper and lower circles? I tried Curviloft but it doesn’t want to do the job.

I used push pull tool ctrl to add a new section, then the scale tool control to pull it in -

It is better to create the wall thickness early as you did.

I added a slope to the ends of the grooves with tapered disks -

Geometry was merged using union solid tool after scaling the components up by 10x to avoid tiny edges braking.

You can creat a profile for the base of the bottle, rotated about itself with the followme tool, add a tapered section to join to the flutes at the bottom -

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rendered as solid glass makes a difference -

The whole model was smoothed before render.

Another way to model it would be to create the whole bottle without grooves, then create the reverse of the grooves and subtract them from the bottle.



Love it. Thanks to your workflow I’ve done it from scratch in minutes. Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent - upload a render if you can, to show your completed work.

■■■■! Impressive result! :star2:

This is the model. Thank you GSTUDIOS. :tulip::tulip::tulip:
I have SketchUp Make and couldn’t get Union Solid Tool but everything looks fine.

I don’t have any render engine at the moment. I will most likely use Twillight Render which I know is free or perhaps I will use trial Vray.