Best way to replicate this shape

Here is a photo of what they call a lung flute. I am trying to model the main body of it and wondering what the best method would be?



I’d draw the outline of it in planview, extrude to 3D and then use Joint Push/Pull to give the walls thickness.


ok, looks good. Curvi loft was one way i was trying it and it worked ok, but not as well as this option. thank you for helping me with this. Do you like coffee? if so, maybe i can buy you one for all the help you have given me. I also should buy box one, as well as a few others:)

Without coffee I wouldn’t be able to get going in the mornings. :smiley:


do you make it at home or go to a place?

I make it at home but go to a place to get beans.

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good to know. Not a coffee drinker myself, its a flavor i do not like, however, i know others like it and so i ask to try and get to know people. haha.

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Here’s a method without the need of Extensions. I didn’t bother getting the curve correct or the thickness, it’s just the method. The pause with the rotation was me looking for my alt key on a tiny german keyboard with a different layout to what is written on the keys. Alt being the key to toggle the various snap points on a group.