How would I create this 3D tile?

Hello! I have never posted to the community but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to create this 3D tile that I need to use to figure out a pattern for an interior design remodel that I’m working on.

The tile has curves and contours and I have no knowledge of how to achieve this. Any advice or instruction is much appreciated!

LIQUID FORMS_Specification_sheet_WZ.pdf (9.4 MB)

I think you hit Reply before the PDF was fully uploaded. Can you try again?

Try it now- I think it should work.

Yes. That worked. Are you talking about the narrow tile shown on the 7th page?

Correct. I have attempted to create this and I could upload my sketchup file it needed, but I’ve gotten as far as tracing the curved design. I can’t figure out how to extrude it with that 3 dimensional curve.

Do you really need it to be a 3D tile? The amount of geometry it’ll require will really load down your models.

Sort of- as you can see from the pdf file with the specs, there are multiple patterns depending on the way the tiles lay out and I need to see how it will look to scale on the fascia of a fireplace. So if I have to just leave it as a separate file with only the fireplace rather than include it in my entire home model, that is completely fine. Do you think if I do that it will still be too large of a file?

Plus I would like to be able to show my client and I think the more realistic it could be will help sell it- considering the higher price point of this type of tile.

OK. I’m working on it. I have a method but it’s not very elegant. Hang tight.

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Does this look like it’s close enough?


OMG! That’s perfect!! Was it hard to do?

Not terribly hard but not as elegant as I’d like. How experienced would you say you are with SketchUp?

Ehh- that’s a good question. I’ve been using Sketchup since 2011 but I’m completely self-taught using tutorials online. So I’m sure I’m no expert and can always stand to know more, but Sketchup and I have some history.