Design help for curved pyramid

Hello everyone, could someone tell me how to design a curved square based pyramid with chopped off top,

You description could be many things. An image would help to get an answer.

basically i want to make a pyramid from a squircle, is that possible?

Draw a squircle, whatever that is, make it 3D and scale the top face down.

i tried, it is a sqaure with curved edges, i’m new to sketchup so I might be doing it wrong

Show us what you have tried to do.

Something like this?

Wolfram defines a squircle: Squircle -- from Wolfram MathWorld

ye sort of, think of the base like a squashed circle

It’s like pulling teeth. Do you mean an oval.
Just give us a screen shot. Why make us guess.

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Here’s another guess: Twisted Squircle | 3D Warehouse

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Thank you, it makes sense now

If you had posted an image with your question you would have got the answer straight away.

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Or asked how to draw an ice cream cone😊