Squashed cylinder to plane

Just using the Sketchup App. I want to create a hollow cylinder but the top 25% of the cylinder needs to appear to be squashed to a thin rectangle. (Imagine standing on the end of a hose pipe). I’ve no idea how to create this subtle blend from a cylinder to a flat end?

Anyone help please?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. Is that correct?

Is the squashed edge to be as wide as it would be if it was a real object that’s been actually squashed, or do you just want it to be the same width as the diameter of the cylinder, like a regular chisel taper?

ie it could be as simple as this:

Or it could be as complex as:

[image not found, because I don’t need the migraine]

Or do you want something like this? Maybe with out the hole?

If you have SketchUp Make as your profile says, you could do this quickly with the Curviloft extension.

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Without plugins, by “stitching”:


Hi thanks this is exactly what I’m after. How did you create this, is it easy to explain?


Great question. I’m not overly bothered but would prefer if I can to have the flat width be wider than the diameter of the cyclinder.

Thanks kind of what I’m after is this method more time consuming without a specific plug in?

I drew the circle, long oval and the curves connecting them. then I used Curviloft to automatically generate the surface. If you are using SketchUp Make as your profile says, you can do the same thing. If by “SketchUp App” you mean the web based version, you would need to stitch the shapes together like @Anssi shows. It would be more time consuming but not too bad.

Yes that’s right Dave. Looks like a need a plug in as you suggested.

I used Fredo Spline to draw the curves between the top and bottom. Bot hit and Curviloft are available from Sketchucation. They aren’t free but if you value your hobby time, they could quickly pay for themselves.

If you want to practice with basic tools, click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file to see that this can be done very quickly.

Circle to rectangle transition.skp (255.6 KB)

People tend to forget about the Cardinal points.
GIF 14-09-2023 12-32-08 PM


yeah but they haven’t released an album in years ! :upside_down_face:


CP became irrelevant after their third album. It’s clear they sold out and it was only about the money.

That’s a nice and quick solution but if you show hidden geometry you see that it is not the same as the one in my file.

I did not look at your file. My reply is not in reference to anyone elses, it is a simple demo of how a tool works in a manner that many forget or don’t know about.

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That’s right.

Me too I forgot about cardinal points and I learn a nice trick from your video.

Don’t know guys, I tried doing this several times in Sketch Up Go and can’t get the rectangle to line up on the circle in order to complete this. Watched your vid till I got dizzy. Not sure what I am missing.
Cool technique, if only I could get it to work :slight_smile: rr