Deleting stray faces

I’m trying to make a planter bottom, so I scaled up the pot and trimmed off what was not needed. But I am left with a lot of fine faces left around the cut that take forever to delete. I have cleanup3 installed and dont see how to perform this function. What is the quicker way of doings this? Also, is there a way of performing an intersect and deleting everything on one side of it?
pot.skp (13.6 MB)

Instead of CleanUp, I would try running Solid Inspector. It’s more likely to get rid of those excess faces and edges. Another thing you can do is set the camera to Parallel Projection and choose a standard view that makes those little faces more easy to select and delete. Use a right to left selection box to select only the geometry that extends up above the surface.

When you get finished with deleting those edges, let Solid Inspector run and get rid of the internal faces and other unneeded stuff, soften the edges and you should have solid components.

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