How to clean extra edges and overlap faces

I have made the street map with OSM in Blender then exported to collada file and imported in Sketchup. Is there any quick way or plugin i can clean extra edges and overlap faces. Any suggestion or help. Colada file attached.street.dae (1003.1 KB)

street map.skp (660.2 KB)

Plugin CleanUp by ThomThom would be a good place to start.

Yes i have download that plugin but it did not work for me. Is there any option in that plugin can u make i clean in detail. Or plz download the file and show me how it cleanup. Thanks

This is a SketchUp forum. Upload your SketchUp file so we can see what you have going on and answer your question.

File attach plz check in the question

Select all of the geometry and intersect faces so Cleanup has something to clean.

You should scale it up to an accurate size before you do anything else. It’s very small for a map.

The result is nothing changes. Just it process for a while and nothing changes. Can you plz show a gif what result or what your doing to cleanup.

There are a huge number of intersections to make so you have to give it time to process. I’m not going to make a GIF showing that.

I scaled your model up by a factor of 1000 but there’s so much garbage in your model that CleanUp3 winds up erasing a lot of it.

Blender isn’t good tool for creating a map for SketchUp.

Yes thats what the result was for me. And there are 2 types of edges seen for me bold and thin. Is there any way to select all the thin edges with any plugin or some way.

No plugin that I know of. You could go through with the Eraser tool and erase the non-profile edges. It’s a whole lot of work. Maybe you could fix your work in Blender before exporting.

What are you going to use this map for once you get it into SketchUp?

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