Deleting models in "my warehouse"

I send private models back and fourth thru the warehouse. When I am done with them I delete them.
The delete button is gone (?). How do I delete models from “my warehouse”.

Thank you.

It’s not obvious, but the 3 dots above the download button, once clicked give you an edit option, and down to the right you have delete.

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Thank you!

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Though there are 3 dots, there are only 2 options, I wonder what the third option might be…

It’s like an abbreviated hamburger menu. Mind you as a vegetarian I’ve never understood those.

Yeah, still ‘top of the doodlechain’ are you?

But wait: hamburger?

Apparently this thing is a hamburger menu.
I believe I have @DanRathbun to thank for first alerting me to the phenomenon.

Me too

Originally, “hamburger” referred only to the mincemeat steak, and with bread it was called a “hamburger sandwich”. See, for instance, the Wimpy character in Segar’s old Popeye comics.

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For me it was all the more confusing as I was living in Hamburg at the time and had experience many varied menus, most with 99.9% meat and chicken referred to as a vegetable. Much like the old Finnish Vegetable that is served late at night on the way home from the pub.

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I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

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