Can't delete models from 3D Warehouse collections

The thread title is the topic. I want to delete a few models from one of my 3D Warehouse collections, but I can’t find any way to do that with the new UI. I know the update is recent and there’s still bugs to fix, but I still thought I’d report this.

Thanks, Dan. Go to all your Collections in your account, and click on the “kabob menu” - 3 vertical dots: you get 3 choices to View, Edit, or Delete the Collection. Choose Edit.

Now click on the “Models” tab to view the models in the Collection, and each model will have a kabob menu to View, Edit, or Remove the model.

We are still doing work on the User Content Manager, but you should still be able to use this.


that is a little obscure… is that just a workaround until a more obvious UI adjustment is made ?