Deleting Models from "Liked" list


I recently decided to sort out the models I’ve liked and create “Collections” in which to keep those models rather than have a hodge-podge of models all listed under “Liked Models.”

After creating several “Collections,” I noticed that models contained in a collection can be deleted or removed from a collection. I also noticed that the models I added to a collection, were still listed in “Liked Models.” Until I noticed that models I had been adding to collections were still in “Liked Models,” I thought I was moving those models.

I don’t need models listed in both places. Why cannot models be deleted or removed from one’s “Liked Models” as they can be from a “Collection?” Is that something that can be implemented?


“Liked” things is in most places a different concept from collections. Adding a model to a collection doesn’t dislike it. You can either just keep the likes, or click on the model to go to its details page and then click the red heart icon to unlike it.

I think you are specifically asking for adding the “Remove” buttons (⊗) to the Liked Models list, as it is on collection details pages.


@Aerilius - yes.


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