About collections

Hello,it is possible to put a collection (n1) in another collection (n2) without the collection 1 appear in the collection category of my 3d warehouse?

I’m not sure about that but I do not think so …

I created a private collection and a public collection that I added to the private collection. So no one can see the private collection but me, but they can see the public collection that’s contained within it.


I wanted the collection 1 to be visible to everyone.
but not appear in the collection category.

So could you “Like” only those models, and then give the link to your Liked Models tab (we add to the end of the url ?nav=likedmodels to navigate there)?

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this solution does not help me too much, it’s a bit too restrictive.

in explaining, I wanted to be simple but in reality it is not 1 collection but 3 that must fit in one.

PS srry for my english.