Can't delete model from list after upgrade

I had a dozen or more models from Drop box downloaded to phone. I don’t need most of them now on phone, but I can see no way to delete them from model list using (info) button, nor anywhere else. Is Delete function hidden somewhere, or just missing?

I actually use the little icon on the bottom right that looks like “trashcan” in the info.
Are you not able to find it?

Curious. It is there now. It definitely wasn’t when I tried earlier - just a ‘back arrow’ to return to previous ‘home’ page. I’d expected a ‘trash’ icon, as in v2.3, but it wasn’t there.

All I could find previously were options to re-download the model from Dropbox, or to go back.

VERY odd.

Glad to hear that it’s there now, as it should be.

Please let me know if you run into the issue again – maybe a screen shot. So that we can further investigate the circumstances that may have led to the icon not being visible.

My suspicion is that V3 did not recognize the old SKJ file that had been generated from your previous use of the application, but the app stored the metadata about the file. Since you would have been required to re-download the file in order to open it, the app was asking you to do just that. Even in that scenario, the Delete button should be visible. But I suspect that since there was no ‘model’ file associated with that item, the app probably thought there was nothing to delete. At least, that’s the hypothesis we’re gonna test…

That makes sense, and was what I thought possible at the time . I still don’t understand what made it apparently stop happenng!