Deleting area outside of drawn area

I feel badly asking this question here, but there’s no forum for dummies. I’m using Pro, so I assumed this was the right place. In any event, I’m designing an extension for a workbench to provide legs for the top using a trestle. At the moment I’m designing the first piece. It will be the equivalent of a 24" 2"x4" with decorative ends.It will be fairly elaborate, but I can’t even get past step one. So, I draw a 2x4, then I added a 2" half circle centered on each end and then at the diameter line a quarter circle from the diameter to the edge on each side (a 7/8" radius). Now I want to remove the material past the radii so the radii form the ends of the board. Can any one lend a hand, point me in the right direction, etc.?

Benchtop Trestle.skp (29.2 KB)

You need to have the decorative edges in the same context as the 2x4 to be able to do this. Since the 2x4 is a component already try the following steps.

Select the decorative components, right click on one and explode them.
While the edges are selected, immediately hit Edit>Cut or the appropriate keyboard shortcut.
Double click on the 2x4 component with the Select tool to open it for editing.
Next hit Edit>Paste in place. After that you would be able to use Push/Pull to remove the waste.

Before you do all this. zoom in close to the right end of the 2x4 and adjust the position of the decorative shape. As it is currently positioned, it runs off the end of the board slightly and doesn’t touch the front edge.


Well sir, your answer was perfect, exactly what I needed. Your visual aids made it simple to reproduce your result. I will now take some time to study what you actually had me do. I suspect I need to understand “context” as it applies to SketchUp. Thank you so much for your quick reply.