Deleting a space inside a space

I just started to learn sketchup. can anyone tell me how I might be able to delete a space inside a space?

Could you elaborate? Or share a sketch with notes of what you are trying? Also this is your big opertunity to start a new thread. This subject isn’t related to the thread you posted in.

Edit. Eventually moved to this separate thread

A screen shot of what you’re working on does wonders for discussion.

Guessing here: You mean like Russian nesting dolls? How to delete the inner doll without disturbing the outer one? A general strategy would be to temporarily Hide something that’s in your way of getting at what you want, then Unhide it when you’re done.

To delete a space inside a space you have to devise a way to select the geometry you wish to delete like using a section cut or toggling xray or a combination. Often you might hide some geometry to gain selection access to inside

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I tried to use a rectangle inside another rectangle to make a base for building. As I did what I planned, but could not did the solid rectangle inside to achieve making the exterior walls. I did try to have all the inside lines selected before I use the eraser tool.

Please start a new thread and include your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve managed to do so far.

Thank you very much for showing this to me.

Good idea

Bù máfan


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Another way to delete internal geometry is to view the hidden geometry. View Menu → Hidden Geometry.

Select just the face and erase it.

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