Are there any tools to let you work INSIDE a model?

I often edit STL files that have a lot of geometry and when trying to edit or delete geometry inside the model its near imposible

The only way I know to do this is

  1. Delete a face to open up the model
  2. Show Hidden Geometry (K key)
  3. Use my 3D mouse to ‘fly’ inside the model.

But these are near useless when the entire model is complex… I thought I had cracked this using a Section Cuts to reveal the inner workings of the model… But today I used this in anger and realised that you can’t actually select any of the geometry…

Are there any tools that will help here? Perhaps something that works like a section cut? If not, what about tips and techniques?


Section cuts work, perhaps you neglected to open the component for editing before trying to select.

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You can select geometry through a section cut. I wonder if you might be accidentally selecting the section plane?
Try turning off the section plane objects (while leaving section cuts active) See image above

All I did was create a section cut and then I get this;

But when I try and select some of the internal geometry, the Selection Plane get selected… And if I delete the geometry, I delete the SP and not the geometry. Same with Move… if I select a bit of geometry and move it, I move the SP instead.

What am I missing?


Hang on… I worked it out… I can select geometry inside the model:

But I can’t actually select the line of the cut… And now I think about it, this makes sense, as those lines doen’t actually exist as selectable point… I get it now… Ignore me… I am being stupid

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