Deleted Fluidinteractive plugins and yet their tool icons keep loading when I start Sketchup Pro

Got no help from FluidInteractive, Where are the drivers that load their deleted plugin tool icons? The Extension Manager shows that they have been removed and they are not available anywhere but their tool icons keep loading automatically. I’ve tried all the Identified, Unidentified,Unrestricted options nothing is working. I need to find their files in my Library but have not found them yet. Thanks for any tips.

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? We need that information to help you. Complete your forum profile.

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Mac M1 and Sketchup Pro 2023. Sorry, I have been using computers since 1982, Mac’s and Sketchup Pro since 2000.

You haven’t identified which Mac OS version yet.

Are you certain everything related to the extension has been removed from the Plugins folder in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp…

Mac OS Ventura 13.3.a and yes. SketchUp…? Do you mean Library/Application Support/Sketchup 2023/Plugins…? I have. I have uninstalled all files related and I have Hazel installed so I am confident that I have them all yet I am missing something. DaveR I am sorry that I failed to provide the basic information you asked for. I’m amazed that the knowledge base here is so nuanced that the difference between version 13.3 and 13 or 12.6 would matter. Usually issues with operating systems are wide spread and well known. I know my issue is more basic than that even but maybe less common. What file drives tool icons to load upon Sketchup Pro 2023 startup? None of the other tools load. I have all of Medeek, Profile Builder 3, Quantifier Pro,Vecter Tool, SUbD, Fredo…tools but only this specific tool icon loads onto my workspace uninvited. Thanks.

Did you check both your user library, ~/Library, and the system library, /Library?

Good question. Yes and that is where I was able to uninstall one unused plugin that Hazel missed but I still have AmbiantOcclusion tool icons popping up and I don’t want to uninstall in but I think I will try and then reinstall and see if anything changes. Thanks for your thoughts.