Delay using wacom tablet

I have a delay when I use sketchup whit a intuos pro pen tablet, is very annoying.
Anyone have the same problem?

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What a coincidence, I have a Wacom tablet as well, hehe! :slight_smile: I remember I tried using it for 3D modeling but navigating through 3D space with just a pen was very uncomfortable, so I went back to simple mouse. I’ve read on some forums that graphic tablets are not necessarily aimed at 3D modeling but rather on 2D graphics and video editing. Maybe that’s the reason?

For me was very confortable use the tablet, I use it whit scketch up about 3 years ago. I think is problem due to the lastest updates.

what OS, fill in your profile so we can check these things and or add it to your post…

there are many reports that wacom drivers for mac needs an update…


There is also an issue with lag and jumps on Mac OS X 10.11.4 when a SketchUp model has multiple scenes. There is another topic about this, culminating with a report from the development team that they are working with Apple to resolve it.

Hi John

I use, OSX El Capitan ( 10.11.4)

Thanks for your answer.


I haven´t that problem. I use 7 or 8 scenes and…never I had it until ten days ago.

I have a Wacom Bamboo that I’ve used successfuly until recently.
I can’t go back to a mouse. I’ve used a tablet for 10 years +.

My Sketchup stutters with or without scenes.
Anything from a plane to a full apartment.
Making the window smaller sometimes helps.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated…!

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OMG. I’m trying to design something for my room after getting a new tablet, the Wacom Intuos Pro. It’s something I’ve been putting off designing too, so when I finally open the program, I can’t even use it. I’m so glad other people are having this problem too. PLEASE FIX IT SO I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE.

Yeah, I actually use a tablet for day to day stuff, in addition to photo retouching and I prefer it so much more now.

Yes, I had to go back to mouse.

Hey guys! This is an issue with the latest version of El Capitan and the Wacom driver. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that we can do, from inside of SKetchUp, but we are talking to Apple, and hope that they will be able to fix the issue soon.

!!? how about Mac or Wacom?

Ah nuts… I need a proof reader… Edited… Thanks, @Box

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Thanks for the answer ,
we can only hope :(((

FYI The Wacom driver may be one of the triggers for this laggy behavior, but we’ve been able to reproduce the issue without it as well.


@Marc, do you see without any non apple driver kext files?


Yes, a clean install of SketchUp with no third-party input drivers.

i use wacom intuos PS and windows 10 and sketchup 16
i don’t have any problem