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Hi. Having never used it, I know very little about SketchUp, but I am wondering if it can do something I cannot seem to do with Blender. Any help from experienced users would be a great help.

Here’s the challenge: I want to ‘project’ (I think that is the SketchUp term) a png (or other pixel format image) onto a surface and THEN (afterwards) deform that surface as if it were a piece of printed paper that had been crumpled.

I have seen videos showing that an image can be put onto a curved surface, and even that extrusions can then be made to that surface in a manner that just stretches pixels to make up the sides of the extrusion. This gives me hope. But of course, with a piece of crumpled paper, the material’s surface dimensional stability has to be respected, and so there should be minimal stretching of any pixels no matter how crumpled it gets.

Or is there another way to effectively create a folded and creased paper-like material where the graphic image still ‘sticks’ to the surface of the material?

Can anyone tell me if this sort of thing is possible with SketchUp. Many thanks in advance for all replies.


Maybe something like this?

You would want to be using SketchUp Pro or Make for this, not SketchUp Free, at least currently. There are still some limitations on handling materials in SU Free.


Many thanks for a quick reply.
Yeah - that’s pretty much what I meant. The videos I saw suggested that images are tiled to surfaces by default. Your image looks to have fitted the surface area perfectly - so whether it wanted to tile or not, I can see you got round that issue, which is what I would want. Can I ask how long this demo took - how long it might take me if I put in a few days getting the basics of SketchUp?
Thanks - again - John

I did set up the texture image to be projected onto the deformed surface which prevents it from being fractured as it would if I hadn’t set it up that way. It took me longer to install Eneroth’s Erode plugin and decide on an image to use than to actually do this. Maybe two minutes to do it. I wasn’t too concerned about the crumpled-ness of the “paper” but you might spend more time adjusting it.Of course you do need to learn some basics and you’d need the plugin to do it.

The extension did this to a rectangle I drew.

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