Paste one form / object on another and make it follow this form

Hi everybody, sorry for my English, I’m a french guy. I am contacting you about a problem with SKETCHUP Free. Here is the problem:

We created a base in 3D (a motorcycle helmet) on the software, and on the same file we make a sketch of a form (let’s take for example a star). We hope that this star sticks on an area of the helmet (as if we were sticking a sticker) and that it fits perfectly the shape of the helmet but without the star being changed in size.

Is that possible? and if so, how to do it?
Would it be possible to do the same thing but with a solid

Looking forward to your answer

Thank you

It is geometrically impossible to attach or project a flat surface (such as a sticker) onto a curved object (such as a motorcycle helmet).

In the real world, stickers tend to have a bit of “stretch” to tolerate deformations. This lets you adhere it tightly to curved surfaces without creases or bubbling (to a point).

SketchUp doesn’t have precisely that. In many cases, projecting the flat texture onto the curved surface will suffice.

I know SketchUp has a project feature, but I’ve never used it and can’t open SketchUp to teach myself right now. I’m sure others will chime in.

Perhaps this may be useful to you:

Google Photos

Animated GIF (~9MB):
(helmet7.gif - Google Drive)

Really thanks sjdorst for your answer!

Thank you mihai.s!

Is not really what I thought, but it is interesting! Just, what is the tool do you used for the projection ?

thank you

Hello, Evans!
The tool is Sandbox > Drape (it’s working only vertical, and I think only above plane 0,0,0)

For projected texture watch this tutorial:

Thank you Mihai.s !

Sandbox Tools is an extension. SketchUp Free (for Web) does not support extensions.

@evans, you’ll need to use one of the desktop editions of SketchUp if you wish to use the Sandbox Tools extension.

Thank you DanRathbun for your recommendation, but we can’t buy Sketchup pro so we want to learn on Sketchup free.

About my interrogation, I think is impossible

SketchUp Free (for Web) and SketchUp Make 2017 (Desktop) are both licensed for non-commercial work. (If you can use one per the license, then you can use the other.)

If you are doing work, on company premises or as an employee, it is (per the license) commercial work.
If so, and your company will not purchase a Pro (Desktop) license, perhaps they will agree to upgrade the Web license to Shop which allows commercial work. (Shop is 9.99 dollars a month.)

Thank you DanRathbun for your answer and for all informations!

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