Default tray pin disappeared after update today? 2024 pro

I looked but didn’t see a post for this. after updating today pro 2024, my default tray pin has disappeared. I can dock the tray, but I use the pin alot to hide the tray while working.
uninstalled and reinstalled pro 2024 again, same issue. Was working fine this morning. After the update is when this happened.
pro 24.0.553 windows

The pin won’t be displayed unless the tray is docked. Double click on the tray’s title bar to dock it.

I tried that, but the pin doesn’t show up.
it is docked to the top corner, I have been using sketchup a long time, never seen this before.
double clicking doesn’t make it move, but I can drag it to corner, then I have to resize it, but still no pin.

You cropped the screenshot too tightly.

Is the SketchUp window maximized?

yeah, I didn’t capture the whole screen just wanted to show what my default tray is doing.
no pin after the update. weird?

yes, it’s not docked. it’s free floating and you placed it on the side, but it’s not docked to the side.

try that.

well, I pushed the tray to the top right and it resized itself, so I had to shrink it down some.
I tried the double click in the tool box, nothing,
I am at a loss.

Another way to dock trays is too drag them by the title bar towards the center of your screen. Docking arrows should show up. Then you just ‘drop’ and the tray docks.

But it also looks like you may be using the Annotations Overlay. Maybe there’s a ‘glitch’ and you can’t dock with that enabled. Check to see if Overalys are off?

winner winner chicken dinner
that worked, thanks a bunch.
dragging to center and and using arrow worked.
pin has returned…
you guys are awesome.

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I didn’t know you could double click the title bar to dock a tray for… the longest time ;^)!


Did you double click on the title bar at the top of the tray like I showed?

yeah, I tried that but it didn’t work. Nothing happened
3DxJFD suggested dragging to center and that worked.
its good now though, thanks a lot for the suggestions

That’s an odd thing. It should work. Oh well, you’re set so I won’t think about it anymore.