Sketchup 2023: Trays not able to re-dock easily


I like to work with multiple Trays in Sketchup and when I arrange the Trays, if I accidentally un-dock a tray the only way I found that can activate the re-docking feature is to:

  1. right click on the tray
  2. select manage trays
  3. close manage trays
  4. move tray where I want it to dock.

This seems strange that I have to go through these extra steps to activate the docking feature. I believe in SU 2022, simply dragging the Tray around would activate the docking feature automatically.

Let me know if this is just on my systems or a glitch.


What happens if you just double click on the tray’s title bar? For me it docks just fine.

Weirdly I had this today - couldn’t get it to go back. I’ve got to figure it out tomorrow

Thanks DaveR,

Double clicking the tray title bar puts the tray back where it was last, which I can then carefully re-order the trays as I like.

It is interesting that if I drag the tray out, the snaps show up but do not let me actually snap the tray into any of the designated slots.

The tray just pops out as a floating tray.

After that, the only way I found to activate the snapped slot designations, is to do as I stated in the initial post.

I think this is a new glitch in 2023, but I can easily work around it so not a priority to fix.

Elmtect-Adam, Let me know if the Double Click and/or steps above work for you.


Check this thread:

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That makes sense - I was in the Elmtec office with multiple screens this week!