Sketchup 2023: Trays not able to re-dock easily


I like to work with multiple Trays in Sketchup and when I arrange the Trays, if I accidentally un-dock a tray the only way I found that can activate the re-docking feature is to:

  1. right click on the tray
  2. select manage trays
  3. close manage trays
  4. move tray where I want it to dock.

This seems strange that I have to go through these extra steps to activate the docking feature. I believe in SU 2022, simply dragging the Tray around would activate the docking feature automatically.

Let me know if this is just on my systems or a glitch.


What happens if you just double click on the tray’s title bar? For me it docks just fine.

Weirdly I had this today - couldn’t get it to go back. I’ve got to figure it out tomorrow

Thanks DaveR,

Double clicking the tray title bar puts the tray back where it was last, which I can then carefully re-order the trays as I like.

It is interesting that if I drag the tray out, the snaps show up but do not let me actually snap the tray into any of the designated slots.

The tray just pops out as a floating tray.

After that, the only way I found to activate the snapped slot designations, is to do as I stated in the initial post.

I think this is a new glitch in 2023, but I can easily work around it so not a priority to fix.

Elmtect-Adam, Let me know if the Double Click and/or steps above work for you.


Check this thread:

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That makes sense - I was in the Elmtec office with multiple screens this week!

As of yesterday I have also been dealing with this problem, and nothing is working to fix it. I opened a saved file that I’d been working on all day and the tray wasn’t already docked. Still haven’t figured out how to get it to go back, even with all the suggestions in this and the linked thread below. :-/ Very frustrating.

Drag the trays to the center of the screen, there should appear four squares to show where you want them to be docked, then release and they will be positioned automatically.


I have no idea what changed, but my problem is suddenly fixed? Working earlier today I was trying to get the docking squares to appear and literally nothing worked, but all of a sudden I turn my computer on to try again and they appeared immediately. Thanks for the push to try again. I’m still going to suggest to the support team that this is a weird glitch that needs looking into.

Thanks Francis - sorted for me !

All was fine until I exported a 3D, and I think it crashed (happens every now and again), but I was back to the standard toolbar, and no tooltray showing. Had to manually rearrange my tools, but couldn’t get the tray to dock.

I wrote that in case anybody else comes up with it.

Thanks again

this is the only thing that worked for me! I had to let it hover for like 15 seconds first, but eventually the little options showed up.
Thank you!

Did you try double clicking on the tray title bar?

I have the same issue. Default Tray vanished one day - unable to find it. Created a new Default Tray = Default Tray 2, but couldn’t anchor it. Disconnected 2nd and 3rd monitors and erased Default Tray 2. Managed to get back original Default Tray, but can’t anchor it. I’ve tried every action on this thread, it’s still floating around - looks like I’ll just have to put up with it… not the end of the world, just an annoyance… possibly a bug in SU2024?

If you use a PC, check out this thread, you may find it helpful. I had a similar issue and it turned out I needed to reactivate “Show windows contents while dragging”.

Let us know if that resolves your issue or not.

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