Default tray can't find translucent texture?

I have been Make (Free Sketchup for years) I could easily find Translucent in the color pallet with the paint bucket. Can’t find it and am trying to figure out this complex “Default Tray”

Any advice?

it’s only available when you edit a texture. (Edit tab on the fill docker/window/rollup thingie)

Why is the edit feature greyed out in the colors and colors named? When and why did this change. I liked just hitting the Translucent set of textures before. Ugh…

  1. You can’t edit a texture until it’s in the model.
  2. Any textures you see with a half and half diagonal on them are translucent.
  3. You can create your own palette of colours/materials for translucent if you want (there was a post on this recently)
  4. There was a minor shuffle and re-grouping of the textures in SU16 release.

The Translucent folder of materials has been renamed Glass and Mirrors.

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