Default Tray has gone missing!


Hi all!

I’m very new to using Sketch Up Make and cannot find the Default Tray. I’ve looked in other forums and most of them suggest going to Windows-> Preferences, but when I go to Windows I do not have Preferences tab pop up.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

I have Sketch Up Make 2017 on MacBook Air. I’m wondering if when I downloaded it I didn’t set it up correctly?


The Default Tray hasn’t gone missing. There is no Default Tray in SketchUp on Mac. That’s a Windows only thing. You can open the individual utility windows in the Window menu and stack them together if you like.


I’m on a Mac. Here’s a screenshot of the drop down menu and on the right what you get from clicking on some of the options. The individual dialog boxes can be moved, minimized, and stacked.


Thank you!

Do you know how I can create materials in the paint/ texture in the paint bucket tool?


Are you trying to add new textures to your model?


I’m trying to add a texture from my blanket into my model. I know that on someone’s sketch up on their PC they can go into the paint bucket tool on their defualt tray and it has an option for create material


You can do the same thing on the Mac. My preferred method of adding a new texture image is to draw a rectangle sized to match the dimensions of the texture image. Then use File>Import to import the image making sure you select Use as texture in the Import window. Click on the lower left corner of the rectangle and drag across to an opposite side to place the texture. Then you’ll see it in the In Model colors in the Materials window.

The other way to do it on the Mac is to open the Materials window. Click on ‘Color’ dropdown and choose New Texture… Select and open the image. Then you’ll need to edit the texture image to correct the dimensions of it.


Thank you so much DaveR! That was super helpful!