Default markup view

How do I get back to the default view when I open sketchup markup. I can’t find styles


I found styles, but I can’t get the original default view

What is “sketchup markup”?

Are you trying to get back to the view (camera position) your template opens to or are you trying to change the style to the one used in your template?

Could you describe your problem in more detail? I’m sorry, but the particular phrasing you used doesn’t mean anything to me. What do you mean by “the default view”? What is “sketchup markup”?

I was hoping you were online Dave. From a previous suggestion you made to me I think I flattened the view. I’m trying for the view where the person is sitting on the axis. I’m not sure if that’s called the camera view


What I have is the blue and green vertical and the red horizontal centered.

OK. So it’s the camera position you’re trying to adjust.

If you didn’t create a scene, it’ll be difficult to get back to the original view in the existing model. You can orbit and adjust the camera position with the mouse while pressing the center mouse button or using the Orbit tool.

Is an exact position important?

Could you share the model and give a little more of an idea about how you want to set up the view?

You probably want to look at Camera->Standard Views menu

This sounds like you have a side view selected. You could select the Iso view from Camera>Standard Views.

It’s not markup it’s Make. It’s a brand new drawing. I think I made an adjustment in the scene.

OK. So you moved the camera to a different position from where it started?

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Remember that you are working in 3D. It’s like working in real life. You can’t build a house if you only stand in one spot in the front yard.

OK, the ISO worked. I’m using inches again.

thank you

Good. I’m not sure how the view you selected and working in inches are connected but as long as it works.

This goes back to a post you replied and something I was trying. The post topic was. Non-commercial use of SketchUp Pro


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Maybe I created a scene. When I close sketchup and reopen it goes back to what I want to call a flat view.


OK, I found what I did. I selected a template that was the one I described. I just selected the first template and back to the original view