Default install of SU 2017 doesn't have any shortcut keys defined

Helping a friend learn SU 2017 (free desktop version). Downloaded and installed it just using default settings.

When we created a new model there were no shortcut keys defined. We were able to quickly add shortcuts for a few of the most used actions (E-Erase, R-Rectangle, Space-Select, etc).

When I started out, I don’t remember having to define the shortcut keys unless I wanted to create a custom shortcut. Is there a way to load the default shortcuts instead of manually adding them? A lot of software has “profile” files, for different settings, that can be loaded in. For example, maybe an XML file that’s been exported from another installation. OR maybe some totally different way that SU has of accomplishing this?

Thanks for any help

Probably due to how you installed it.
Find the installer, the original install .exe, select it and right click and choose Run as administrator, then follow the prompts and choose repair when given.
Restart the pc as should be done after installing any software, then open SU and see if the shortcuts are there.