Decrypt sketchup Files

Hi, I am in dilemma, I badly want to recover my lost files. I got ransomware and my sketchup files got encrypted. Is there anyway I can still recover it? I really need them for my project, Please help me. The key is online btw.

Are you using SketchUp Free (Web) as your profile indicates?

I actually have a license. I am currently using sketchup Pro 2020

Please correct your profile as that information helps us help you.

What does this mean?

Is it SketchUp files on your computer that you can’t access?

I am sorry my bad. The file got encrypted I can’t get the key to unlock it since it was online. I was looking for the solutions everywhere but couldn’t find.

So you had an unexpected file format and now ransomeware in a couple of weeks?

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Yup, some files I am trying to recover, which I think I did and whenever I open them it saying “unexpected file format”

What tells you that the file is encrypted?

Are you indicating that you are working on SketchUp files that are saved to the cloud?

This does not indicate the file has been encrypted. Unexpected File Format indicates that the file has been corrupted. Commonly this occurs with files that are saved directly to the cloud because some critical packet or data is lost during a save due to an interruption in the internet connection.

what I meant is, even though I recovered the files that got virus, they are still broken that’s why whenever i open each that I recovered, it’s always saying “unexpected file format” . that’s why I am here, so hopeless, looking for alternative ways

That’s a bad problem! Did you pay the ransom, or are you attempting to recover/decrypt the files on your own? Either way, it looks like the skp files were fatally damaged during the process.

Sometimes @colin can recover parts of a damaged file, though often not all of it. But if the ransom left more than a small part of the file mangled, there may be nothing to work with.

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I didn’t pay, I don’t want to get double scam haha, I was trying to recover everything on my own for weeks. I guess it’s impossible to recover them, I even used photorec but it’s limiting me on 10MB :frowning:

If you want to upload one of the files somewhere, like to for example, you can get a link to the file so that I can take a look.

If they are really encrypted and locked by a blackmailer then forget it.
Try to find the ~TheSKP_backup.skp file en move on from there.

I am carefully curious because what you wrote is bit messy and jumping around. BTW encryption is not a virus, and however we can’t check if the skp file has a virus or something, the new file could contain a virus which triggers a ransomware app but then the information you seek is already lost.

If you see that Photorec is correctly working then it is not encrypted bij some ransomware. Why is it limited to 10MB? As far as I know there is no paid version to remove the limit, or is there?

I know it sounds hars, but start over, the time you will use to redraw the drawing compared now to recover/decrypt the file could be less costly.

If it is important, save the files daily on a different medium, and connect it only when backing up.


Use the ‘link’ option in wetransfer, no email needed.

Okiee, it’s my first time using that, sorry

I hope you have a good firewall :smiley:

here’s the link

The file is simply broken, I don’t think it’s been ‘encrypted’ by a third-party.
Probably broken by saving it over a network or to a remote location ?
It’s a v2021 SKP file using the newer file format - which is effectively a modified ZIP file.
If you rename that SKP with .zip on the end you can extract its contents.
So some parts like materials and so on can be salvaged, but other parts cannot.

Perhaps @colin can look at it a see if he can work any magic on it…

The file is unusual. It seems to be an empty scene, with only Sumele in it, but the file is 500 MB in size.

I will check with colleagues tomorrow.

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Hmm strange, you wrote ‘I want to recover my lost files’; I read it as that you did make those files.
Maybe that you should be more clear on what you did.

With your 2020 licence; how did you manage to save it as a 2021 file?
Did you use SUweb at any time on your files ( import and back download ).
Did you download them from the web as 2021 and then try to load them with SU2020, and then when it didn’t work, using Photorec to recover the file? Is this whats happened?