Dealing with large project



I spend 30 hours trying to export a project to .dae format, but it stucks at 99% and even thou i kept it overnight to see if it finishes but didnt. my project file size is over 300mb

things i have tried

*i checked this topic Export to .dae freezes at 99% no help
*i tried to import the skp from 3ds max 2017, even i saved the skp version to 8 so 3ds max can import it but still got an error code x32 reader terminated unexpected

  • i used cleanup3 plugin by ThomThom it reduced file size from 380mb to 335mb
    *tried import the skp from lumion 8, it took 3 hours for import to finish then the lag started couldnt even work in lumion
    *Manually resized every single texture in model to minimum it helped a little bit but still cant export it to .dae
    *also installed plugin for blender to import skp files but blender crashes

the reason im trying to export to dae because i think lumion 8 works better with dae files and less laggy ot is there any other way to deal with this and surprisingly my submission is due tomorrow

and also when exporting to dae it eats my whole ram well atleast when started it used 98% of my ram but now its less

my system specs

Intel Extreme Core i7 5960X Octa-Core 3.0GHz

64GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000MHz

Dual 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti

500GB Samsung 850 Evo Series


To me best practice for every CAD software I use (AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino,3ds Max and Sketchup) is dividing the model into pieces depending on the size of the project. Building, site, landscape, etc and/or Shell, exterior windows and doors, interior doors, built-ins, etc…I do have a master model with all the pieces together but I always export everything in pieces in case I need to update a portion of the model.



thank you for that suggestion

it took me sometime to separate all the models, but the result was good, thankfully this solved my issue

it seems it was the assets i downloaded from 3d warehouse like furniture’s, plants and so on…


yes, sometimes is only one model that you get online to mess everything…this is another reason why I keep everything separated…it’s easier to find out where the problem is.


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