De-selecting objects

Is there a quick shortcut or key to de-select the selection? If I want to move a corner then I need to not have anything selected so that I can pick it up. Sometimes my selection is off-screen when doing these things.

I would normally click on something then [shift]-click on it again to de-select it, but that seems like a work-around rather than an actual solution.
([esc] jumps out of the current group - sometimes it’s easier to use this and double click on the group again… but it’s easy to get lost.)

Ctrl+t on windows is the default for select none.
Also with the move tool, a right click in open space will deselect.


Here’s a way to view and print you existing keyboard shortcuts…

just to add, because i always disable pre-select on Push Pull

hitting “P” also deselects my current selection.

Also, Photoshop’s deselect function shortcut is Ctrl+D. I have added that into my shortcuts as well.

Just my workflows though. @Box’s Ctrl+t is the correct solution IMO.

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just stay clicking on both of shift+ctrl.