DC in SketchUp Issues with Configurations

Hey Guys,

I’m working through some configuration settings with the DC extension but for some reason I’m running into, what appears to be a bug, in the extension. I’ve got several stacked components inside the one parent component.

When I set the various items to the Hidden function with a “CONFIG” as the primary variable it appears to not actually give me a choice in setting the configuration. I had this working and then when I tried to duplicate it in order to add a 4th config that shows all the options it breaks the menu selection option.

Anyone have any idea why this is? do I just need to delete all the parameters and start over?

I’m attaching the file. I saw this same issue on a Dynamic window I downloaded from the warehouse in order to help me figure out how this stuff works. There’s a Config option but I can’t get the actual menu to show up in the Component Options window.



configs.skp (216.6 KB)