DBS - Movable Joints

Some time ago I created extension allowing to configure joints and move them later.
What’s interesting from my perspective is that you can create “joint chains”.


Extension Warehouse: Movable Joints

What do you think about it?


Smart idea with a simple, natural design and usage. Bravo!

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Fredo, can’t you do this with your Animator tool also?

DBS, this does look easy and straight forward.

Recently I upgrade this extension with some interesting features.
Please check it and tell me your thoughts.


Looks really interesting, and the interface seems straightforward and easy to understand. Nicely done!

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Nice interface!

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Check Aron review

What is the difference between “Move Rotate Open Close” and “Movable Joints” Extensions?

With Open Close you can set those positions for every object and easly switch object between those two (open/close).
Movable Joints is about joint chains, so you can set couple of joints with diferent additional groups and move them with sliders on the control page. If you configure arm… changing shoulder joint angle will move elbow and wrist in space but position of itself joints will stay with constant value.
Whats usefull, is that you see actual Joint position, set exact location you would like to get or set limitations for sliders moves.

@DBS How do I activate a trial license for Movable Joints? I downloaded it from the Extension Warehouse (from inside SU) and tried clicking the activation button, entered my email and was rejected.

So what is the process for enabling the trial?

Trial licensing is manage by Sketchup and you do not need make any actions to use it as a trial… except situation when it doesnt work.
Log out from Extension Wherehause, swith off and on SU, log in and try again.

Online activation is my own backup system in case abowe doesn’t work (unfortunetly sometimes it doesn’t).
Send me pm if still have that issue.

Thanks for the quick answer. I’ll try again this morning and contact you if I’m still having issues.

Still not working: as soon as I click on the ‘Move Joint’ button on the toolbar I get this and I’m stymied:

I’ll PM you.

ciao fredo, mi dai una mano con movable joints? non reisco a fare delle cose e ci sto perdendo un sacco di tempo.

come si fa a cancellare i joints?
non riesco a linkare un gruppo e non capisco come si selezionano o aggiungono


You can see setting process for joint with additional groups on video from 6:55

There is also button to delete it.