DBS move needs

Hi everyone:
I need DBS move
Please send someone

let me introduce you to the search tool. it’s the huge looking glass top left. you can’t miss it.

I did that but it not work

really ? because when I do it, I can then click on the link to the website and there, there is a big green download button.

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You can also ask directly to @DBS but I imagine that he will show you the same solution as @ateliernab

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hey “Bro”, no need to send me private messages.

in your message you say

like what ? if you don’t include an image it’s hard to tell.
also, not your bro. pal. mate? dude. no, mate. I’ll go with mate.


I see you have 2021 Pro in your profile, there are different procedures to get things if you are using the 2021 Cracked version. Is that the one you have?

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Normally you should visit:
SketchUp move

and use the green button:

If this does not work for you…
I sent it to you in the message as well.