Day's work wiped out. Can't figure out why

Something very strange happened an hour ago. (Sketchup 2021 Pro 2021 Version 21.1.298 on iMac)

My workspace froze. When I quit and reopened SU it was to the state of yesterday’s progress . . . nothing today. I have auto save on and I manually save very often as I work.

I went to Time Machine and there was no record of my work today. Yesterday was the latest entry for that SU file. Same with BackBlaze. There is no trace of today’s work or that of late yesterday. But there IS Time Machine of other app’s work right up to the present.

‘Get Info’ on the SU file shows it was last modified less than an hour ago. But the image on the icon is that of yesterday, the same one I get when I open the file now.

I was in the middle of deleting unused components in the SU file when this occurred. Could that have anything to do with the wiping out of all history of work for the last 22 hours or so?

Any ideas before I repeat a day’s work?

Thanks for your ideas.

Sounds more like an OS thing, are you on Sierra?

Catalina 10.15.7


No estoy seguro pero puede ser que el proyecto era muy pesado para guardarse en poco tiempo, tal vez usted continuo modelando inmediatamente luego de guardar así que no se si de pronto se acumularon procesos y se congelo SketchUp sin guardar, como le dije, no estoy seguro, ya que no soy experto en el tema pero pensaría que fue esto

I do not have a pro version of SU, but I would think when it comes to saving, that all versions react the same. When I hit the Save button, I can do nothing as long as the program is in the process of saving. Of course the heavier the file the longer the save takes…but still, no matter how long it takes, I have to wait until that save is finished before I can do anything. I can’t even do something as simple as clik on a different tool.

I don’t know about Mac’s and Sierra…but I was thinking the issue sounded more like anything but SU in this situation.

Yo uso SketchUp pro pero antes usaba SketchUp web y mientras guardaba podía seguir editando, por esto le digo que tal vez se le tildo la pagina y la cerro para luego volver a ingresar, y como no le dio tiempo de guardar y perdió todo lo que había hecho hasta el ultimo trabajo completo, o simplemente estaba offline, y el modelo era muy pesado como para que el guardado automático no lo alcanzo a guardar

Ahhh…I see what you mean. I have never done anything in SketchUp web other than fool around to see how it felt, but I can understand how what you describe could happen. That would be a bummer. But I believe the OP was using a desktop program. I dont think there is a pro web version… is there?

Not exactly - not the Desktop GUI and complete feature set available in a web browser. There is SketchUp Shop, which is a browser-based subscription-based product that is authorized for use in commercial activities. SketchUp Shop has very similar overall look-and-feel to to SketchUp Free.

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