Dashed line styles - better handling of dashing scale

I appreciate the effort SketchUp developers made to introduce dashed line styles by layer/ tag, but they are pretty much useless when exporting images with large resolution (which personally, I do most of the time, because AA is too crappy on exported images to just let it go with screen’s native resolution).
Dashes have fixed size in pixels, so on an exported image of a large resolution, they will practically visually merge into a solid line. Then, what is the point of doing dashes?

I suggest introducing one (or all!) of the following solutions:

  • make more presets of dashed line styles, including far longer dashes and gaps,
  • let the user customize their own dashed line styles or, at least, let them set dash+gap scale for each existing preset,
  • add “dashing scale” setting to the options of image exporter.

I have often suggested that SketchUp ought to support the industry standard for dashed lines, the .lin files originally developed by Autodesk but used by many other applications (Rhino, for instance).

Dash scale function is available for SketchUp views in LayOut. If you export your images from there you also have control of line widths.

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You’re right, though it takes a lot of extra time and effort to set things up in LayOut, while in SU I can just hit a hotkey to instantly export an image, and I really need this speed, due to the large number of images I export from my models.
If only we could skip LayOut (I actually never use it, it drives me nuts from head to toe) and control dash scale directly from SU!

Try DPLineStyler.