Damaged sketchup file when file is larger than 1.5g

I work alone so my sketchup files are usually quite heavy (all exterior and interior objects are usually contained in one file). Since I switched to using sketchup 2021, I often lose files. I didn’t know the cause at first, but after a few times of losing files I think it’s because the file size is more than 1.5G because everything is fine when the file size is small. This does not happen with older sketchup versions. Please fix this situation!

Where do you keep your files? Errors like this are typical when you work directly from the cloud (like Dropbox or Google drive) or from a folder that is synced to the cloud.

My working files are all on my PC. I only use google drive to store a few rarely used libraries, the most used libraries are in my PC. It’s a pity that sketchup 2021 helps to reduce the file size a lot. But I don’t dare to risk using it for heavy files because I’m not sure the files won’t fail and I have to start my project all over again. I know some people who also lost their sketchup files like me through 3d forums and they don’t know the cause. I just suspect it’s because of recent heavy files. Please help us. Thanks!

No need to post twice, the email one appears in the forum too.

The question needs to be asked, why are your files so large?
Are they optimized or are they bloated?

Do you use high res images?
Sketchup only uses a specific level of resolution and over that is pointless.

Do you add loads of ‘stuff’ from the 3d warehouse?
Many warehouse models can be over detailed and unnecessarily complex and may contain all sorts of junk, sometimes not even visible or even used in the model, but it still create bloat.

Do you purge your models?
Every component you add and then delete is retained within the model incase you want to use it again, purging cleans these things out. This includes but is not limited to Materials, Images, layers/tags, components etc

Do you use any sort of Clean up software?
Many models contain double faces and extra edges and such that also add to bloat.

Personally I can’t even conceive of a 1.5gb model.


Hi @Manh2021 - can you possibly share one of those large models with me?

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I sent to you a large model. Please check it. Thanks!

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