DAE file error (without warning)

Hello a developer is there?

I work for a CAD software house and our customers have the last regular license of Sketchup Pro and they have often problems importing DAE files.
I tried with 10 different 3D software (from Blender, FreeCAD, MasterCAD, 3D Studio Max, pCon.Planner, 3DBrowser, FinalMesh, etc…) to read the DAE files generated by our software and we see what we expected. Sketchup only shows a partially plan.

For example, this is the plan in Sketchup and in pCon.Planner:

A lot of items are not readen by Sketchup.

I attach that DAE file that Sketchup ONLY doesn’t fully read:
abc.dae (1.8 MB)

I hope that some developer will debug that DAE file and fix the importer because any other software have not this problem.

By the way, googling I’ve found other people with importing problems of DAE files.
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I’ve been trying to figure out what is different about the elements that import, but then appear as a different object. I imported into Cheetah3D, and the beams look correct.

If I export from Cheetah3D as Collada, SketchUp can’t import the file at all! So, you’re doing better than they are.

Going via STL gets everything.

Anyway, I will keep looking for what is different about the beams that don’t show up.

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Using the Universal Importer extension will import the entire model from the DAE file.

I get this error when I try that extension:

Universal Importer Error: Operation not permitted - ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary
/Users/cholgat/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023/SketchUp/Plugins/universal_importer/importer.rb:345:in `glob’

It might have been looking for the missing materials.

Hi Colin,

Only the message with the reduction of the number of polygons appears at import with Universal Importer.
I also imported the DAE file in Meshlab and I have an info message that 198 faces have some problems, but they were solved.

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The DAE file contains errors in the ‘triangle’ descriptions.

A triangle is defined by a set of three distinct vertices. For example the three vertices numbered 15, 12, 21 define a triangle. In the failing meshes there are triangles in which (at least) one of the specified vertices is repeated. An example of this is the item called id=“ID227” which contains a triangle defined as 59, 43, 59. I think it’s approximately the sixty fifth triangle in the list.


I will check it with customer, thank you!
Is there a log file that I can give to our developer?

Thank you for your answer, how can you read where errors are?
Is there a log file generated by Sketchup

If you import into MeshLab, in the right panel is the info (with red) I wrote about.

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Thank you :blush:

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