D.Component that disappears

Hello everybody,
I am currently experiencing a problem with one of my dynamic components
It is a component which is composed of many other components which mostly have a hidden attribute.

Currently I am reworking the textures and when I try to update my component, certain sub-components no longer appear, the hidden attribute changes from true to false in the normal way, but they still remain invisible as if their geometries did not exist

Has anyone encountered this problem before and have a solution?
I share the component with you, a version without a bug, and another with the bug

Component with bug.skp (5.8 MB)
Component without bug.skp (6.7 MB)

Hey :wave:. Not sure about the hidden issue (pics or vid might help?) but you are referencing child component attributes, which could be stopping/breaking your DC from during its redraw.

DCs can only see up one level. So the children can see the parent attribute values, but the parent can not see the child attribute values, and a child can not see another child’s attributes.

So you need to pass all the values you want to share between children down from the parent.

There is no problem with children or parent components…

As you can see, it’s the same component twice, they are both calibrated the same way, but when I modify the options of these components (in the same way on both sides), they react differently.
On the one on the left, I modified the textures and since then it’s completely buggy, while the one on the right still works

Ok, so when I turn on View - Hidden Objects I can not see any hidden geometry. If you select the component that is not showing up with outliner there is indeed no geometry. You are hiding the object and then making the LenXYZ 0cm, why 0cm if it’s already hidden? I think that maybe flattening it out and then stretching it back is your issue…

I worked this way to be able to manage the components with a proxy plugin and it worked very well on my other components
This allows me to have the selection area at the actual size of the component

I see, interesting. Unfortuneately I am out of ideas sorry. Hopefully someone else can help…

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Thank you anyway ! :upside_down_face:

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Afterthought, you could try making it 0.1 cm not 0cm. Super small but not flat.