Unhidden geometry keeps going back to hide after object is "re-drawn"

I hid a sub-component of my dynamic component and now, every time I un-hide it and make changes to it, that sub-component I hid once goes back to hidden mode.

Why is that happening? How can I make is stop going back to hidden mode?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

hello, check your tag management
It is possible that one of your scenes is set to hide the layer on which your sub component lays.
update that scene with the tag on.
This is a supposition, it would be best if you attached your model. Also, fill up your profile so we can know what version you are using.

Hey, @paul.millet ! I started using Sketchup in 2016-ish for a couple years, learned about dynamic components then stopped until a few days ago. I literally have only just programmed my dynamic components. I haven’t set any layers, tag, or anything else.

Related to this particular problem, I only right-clicked > Hide my sub-component so I could better see other sub-components from a different angle. Maybe I pressed something without noticing. Now, every time I update the parameters of my DC, that same sub-component goes back to hidden. Also, I haven’t created any scenes, either.

How can I attach my model?

Either drag the saved .skp file from Windows Explorer into your next post, or click on the Upload button above where you post and choose the file.

Use Window/Model info/Statistics/Purge unused to clean out any unused components etc, then save, before uploading.