Hidden sub-components in placed component re-appearing on scene selection - Sketchup 2020 bug

Having a new issue in Sketchup 2020 (in 2019 and before it’s ok) where placed hidden components re-appear when an existing scene is selected. If the component is a DC, then a DC redraw (refresh) hides what is supposed to be hidden.

Redrawing is a partial temporary solution for DCs, but not very good.

  1. It creates a new definition - heavier model.
  2. It is then needed to refresh every single new component that is placed into the model - can take a long time and un-expected.

See video:

Updating the scene does not seem to help!

This issue is very problematic for our collection of DCs. We’ve had multiple customers complaining about this new unexpected behavior.

To recreate the issue in Sketchup 2020:

  1. New model
  2. Make sure View > Show hidden objects is on.
  3. Draw a box and create a component.
  4. Hide the component. Right Click > Hide.
  5. Copy the hidden component with CTRL+C
  6. New model.
  7. Make sure View > Show hidden objects is on.
  8. New scene.
  9. Paste into new model => component appears hidden as it should be.
  10. Choose scene => Component re-appears when it’s supposed to be hidden.
  • If the component were a DC with a Hidden attribute set to: ‘=1’, a redraw would hide it as it is supposed to be.
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Oddly, the recreation process I wrote above happens in previous Sketchup versions too (2018, 2019).

On the other hand, when it’s with a Dynamic Component that has hidden sub-components via attribute values, then this seems to happen only in 2020…!?

This is a known issue that is being worked on.


I’m so glad to hear this is being worked on. It’s causing a real issue for me and my colleagues who use my DC’s as well. We’ve had to move back to 2019 until it’s fixed.

Good to hear this is a known issue, hopefully it will be a quick and easy fix. As an end user of Flextools, I was wondering how an already hefty 50MB model suddenly became 100MB, very sluggish and unresponsive, along with hidden parts of the components becoming visible on every reload.

Interestingly when loading in an skp model to a new scene, the wait time was fairly short, but when re-loading it in from the right click context menu, wait times were in the order of minutes which is most unusual. I presume this is related?