Cutting the middle out of a solid

Sometimes I need to make a solid shorter, but preserve geometry on both ends. Like a barbell that has lots of fancy stuff on the weights, but something like a simple cylinder connecting the ends with lots of detailed geometry (this is just an example).

I’ve been doing this by defining a rectangular solid and using it with Solid Tools Subtract to cut out the middle of the solid. Then, I move one half to be adjacent to the other and delete edges on the abutted faces.

This works pretty well, but is there a better or preferred way to do this?

That’s a good point, DaveR and it seems it will work for most cases–certainly the example I gave.

Fredoscale Box Stretch will do it too in various ways.
Box stretch 01

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oooh, that’s cool! Selecting all, and only the geometry to move can be tricky.

Got get that extension!