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I’m trying to figure this out too. Re pcmoor’s reply, what do you explode? In this case, the cutting board or the pan? I finally got my cutting component (a window) to cut through the first face of a wall by reading this thread - none of the tutorials said you had to have your wall component open and THEN add the window in order to make it cut. Now I can’t get it to cut the back face of the wall. Tried exploding both, each individually, nothing (file attached) PROBLEM CUTTING.skp (41.5 KB)

As a cutting component can only make a hole to a single face, you will have to use a workaround. Here are a few:


Thanks Anssi. I got all three options to work. I was trying to figure out if I should purchase the SlickMoves extension which led to my realizing I hadn’t figured out cutting components. I just now tried the SlickMoves tools and it doesn’t work. Aligning my “windows” results in one of the windows no longer being cut through the wall. I’ll contact the person who created SlickMoves to find out why. Appreciate your help!


in the pan/bench case you would explode the pan. The pan contains another back cutter that has to match with the depth of the bench.
I taken the liberty of amending the file you attached, The first step was to place a rim to the front cutter, this can be done by recreating the face and push to rear depth, then delete both front and back faces to the cubic. Then another cutter “component#1” was made for the rear, 2D and face deleted, axis position @ opposite to match position of front cutter. The two components are then wrapped in “component#2” with cutting plane (axis XY vertical). Initially this forms a blocked view / hole , however after deleting and reinserting the component#2, from the home tab in the component explorer, the front face is cut again. The components depth is handled via option to match.

component#2, on explode, the component#1 at the rear cuts the opening

If you decide to explore this further then register your interest and I can explain how to create multiply holes via copy arrays and how to make component exchangeable and still keep their sizes. Thus one could build a simple to complex, swappable window system. there are some models on my warehouse page, but they do need more attention to create a usable system.

Hi pcmoor. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It’s going to take some work for me to understand what you’ve written (I have trouble with most of SU/LO’s forum terminology) but I’ll work on it. I do want to explore this further. I’ve been using SU for almost 4 years and need to be able to stop having to use workarounds because of not knowing the right or best way to accomplish things. It’s frustrating but worth it once the light bulb goes on!

At the risk of oversimplification, it’s not a particularly big deal to just push/pull a rectangular hole in the wall and drop a window component into it. You can easily move the hole around, if necessary, by just selecting the four faces of the reveal. Additionally select the window component and you can move the whole thing around.


You can never oversimplify for me. And I did not know you can do that! Cool! I guess that must be how SlickMoves works. Thanks so much, Gully.