Cutting component stops cutting when moved

I’m running into a problem that plagues me every couple of years, and I never seem to find a solution. I have created a simple window component that cuts into the face representing my building wall. When I create the component or place an instance of it, it cuts as expected. As soon as I move the component, it stops cutting. If I copy the component, the new copy will not cut.

I used the same component nearby in the model, nested in another component, and it worked fine. I created a new, even simpler component on the problem surface, and it suffers the same problem. The surface is part of a recently extruded solid, and I confirmed that the orientation of the surface (interior/exterior) is not reversed. I’m seriously confused about what causes this and how I can fix it or avoid it.


Cutting Component Problem.skp (4.0 MB)

A cutting component will stop cutting if you move it to a different face. It also only cuts a single face.

I have an update that is confusing the heck out of me, but maybe it helps someone else figure out what is going on?

Screen Shot 1 shows the face in question. It’s the top floor, above the brick. Most of the window components are not cutting, one window component and one test rectangle are cutting.

Screen Shot 2 shows an overlapping component on another Tag. (In my work flow, I model the basic program elements as individual “LEGO blocks” and get everything stacked up to understand the basic building volume. Then I design an envelope on different tags, using the program as a guide.)

Screen Shot 3 shows that, when I move the program component, the window components move with it! Somehow, the cutting window components that were placed on the face representing the exterior wall, when the program tag was off, have rehosted themselves to the program component when they were moved. Note that one window and the simple rectangle stayed behind, as those components have not been moved since they were placed. (Also note that the lower three stories of brick and related elements also move, which makes absolutely no sense, because that’s not a cutting component and it’s not hosted to anything.)

Screen Shot 4 shows what happens when I undo the move of the program component, move the two components that stayed behind before, and then move the program component again. Now everything goes with it. (Again with the brick corner.)

So, yeah. I’m not sure what is happening, but somehow the components are changing what they are glued to, and this is new behavior in my experience. I’m hoping someone can help? Not sure if it’s a bug or an expected behavior?

That much I’m all too familiar with. :grin: I’m only moving these components a few inches on the same face to trigger the problem. See my reply with more information.

Try Visualhole from Fredo6.