Cutting cladding

Hi all im trying to cut some cladding i made and it is not coming up as a solid so struggling to cut it the ways ive seen, i want to cut the corners off so it runs with the roof see pic please. Thanks

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is confusing.

Share the .skp file. It’s impossble to tell you why the cladding is not considered a solid from a picture of your computer screen.

hi sorry this is my 2nd day at it
Cladding Test.skp (39.1 KB)

i cant seem to cut the curve out if i draw on it even with geo lines

You have a couple of wedge-shaped gaps through the part.

Correct them and the cladding is a SketchUp solid.

Cladding Test.skp (54.6 KB)

i see that now. thanks

i have managed to cut the corner. thank you!