CutNfill, can anyone help me?

I’m trying to do a dirt takeoff or cut fill calculation. I’ve modeled the existing and proposed sites and followed the instructions to the extent I understand them. On my latest attempt I received several error messages when I attempted to run the calculation and the last time I ran it I got no error messages but nothing happened. I’ve uploaded the file I’m working with if anyone wants to try and help me. Thanks in advance.


Dirt takeoff.skp (1.7 MB)

Have you read Rich Obrien’s tutorial ?

Are you aware of the discussion thread for this extension over at SketchUcation ?

ping @TIG

Sorry, new to the forum. Thanks for the help.

-David Selby

Your EXTG & PROPOSED terrains need to be overlaid, so that one is subtracted from the other.
Also the groups need to be ‘solids’ - if it doesn’t say that in Entity Info then they won’t work.
Use something like SolidInspector to see where the errors are - unfortunately they are not automatically fixable.
But some simple editing and healing to ensure a continuous ‘skin’ is needed.
If would be a good idea to post in the tool’s own thread at
Luckily I saw it here…

Thank you. I would like to pay for the plug in. Having trouble figuring out how to do that.

Buy it from the SketchUcation Shop > Extensions.

Note that if you are a ‘Premium Member’ you get a discount on Shop purchases, as well as many Shop freebies like materials. styles etc…

Add it to your basket and confirm.
Once the PayPal transaction is processed you should get a download link to the licensed RBZ.

Download its RBZ and install that, using the built-in Extension Manager > Install red-button.
It will simply overwrite any existing installation, and also add a preset license file, so that no longer limits its use.
Save the RBZ somewhere safe so you can reinstall it if you change computers etc…
However, reinstalling a new EVAL [10 use] version will continue to work if the original license file is still in place…

Again, asking these kinds of questions over at - in a specific tool’s thread - would get better results/replies…

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