CutNfill help please

Hi All, I have a terrain and a house floor plan to stamp on. I bought cutnfill but I keep getting errors.

Would anyone provide a 10 minute service if I sent the groups to do one so i can reimport and see what I’m doing wrong I have spent hours trying to skirt and align?

I can pay revolute.

Why post here ?
I’d be much more likely to see this in the tool’s thread at SketchUcation…

As explained in that tool’s thread the two ‘surfaces’ need to be the same size in plan so that the skirts align.
Also any very slight variation in the surfaces’ levels - e.g. a few mm - can result in the subtraction of one from the other failing in SketchUp or CutNfill because the tolerances of 1/1000" in results can give zero volumes…

Please post an example SKP over in SketchUcation, so we can assist in it’s resolution there…
[Plugin][EVAL] TIG-CutNfill • sketchUcation • 1

yes i signed up and paid for sketchucation and read the explanation but no matter what i do i cant get the 2 groups to align properly I’m fairly new at sketchup so just learning.

thought I could get assistance posting here, as its driving me mad!

Best to go to the original source…

A simple way to ensure the two volumes line up is to start off correctly.
Take the EXTG group and add a skirt using the tool’s utility.
Next copy that group and rename it Proposed - move one of them to one side temporarily.
Edit that Proposed groups and it automatically becomes unique and separated from its sibling.
As it has a matching skirt there’s no need to add it again…
Stamp you house on the surface and now you have two volumes - EXTG & Proposed - move one of them so a corner of their skirts align.
Now select and process the two groups using CutNfill - the EXTG name is needed to identify which is which…

As said before… don’t make mm adjustments to the Proposed surface as these can result in very tiny wedges <1/1000" which fail to remain solid in the solid-subtraction processing and report zero volumes… In real life you don’t worry about a few mm in a site surface when calculating cut or fill, as simply walking over it will affect it anyway !

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Thx Tig I had tried that alright but I must be making mistake I’m new to sketchup even.

I’ll ltry again your very kind for sharing your knowledge, I’ll give it a go again a few times.